Friday, March 20, 2009

Hey New Englanders

Hey i noticed there are a bunch of people out there in the MA/CT/NY area who make at least a semi-regular trip to Foxwoods or Mohegan.

I was thinking maybe we could set a date and meet up at a casino (preferably Mo Sun) where we could either take over a 1/2 NL table or get our own 120 SnG running.

I would say Mo Sun would be our best bet as they seem to accomodate players more than Foxwoods, but I wouldn't be opposed if majority wanted Foxwoods instead.

If you are in interested shoot me an email at slapinsky22 AT yahoo DOT com and i'll post if we get enough peeps or not.


If you are interested in my monthly home game, usually first Sat every month, we do basically $10 SnGs over and over again till everyone goes home just let me know we always have room for more.