Thursday, March 19, 2009

Leftover thoughts from last night's Mookie

I think one thing that I can attribute my recent successes to is patience. Harking back to a hand in thr RC game on Monday:

Im in the BB with A-3o. SB limps, I check. Flop is A-2-2. I check, Button bets pot, and I raise 3x his bet. He tanks then pushes.

Previous to about 3 weeks (when ive noticed my play improving) I would have called off my stack here because its unlikely he slowplayed an A in a blind battle and I think its unlikely he has a 2.
In this instance I folded and had 2.2k left. The patience play turned into a 5th place finish whereas before I would have been eliminated before then.
Patience has to be the most underated poker skill out there in the present "be ultra-aggressive" poker world.

Areas I still want to improve upon are blinds play as I mentioned last night and I'm still trying to play for stacks (races or dominations).

Thankfully i get a few days off to rest and go to bed before 1am!