Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a late night and coming close

1:45am is when I finally shut the laptop down and began the process of letting go.

I played a heck of a game prior to the final 18, almost like I was poker player. Never got my money in behind and made timely raises on suspected steals. My major leak was getting rock tightwhen as chipleader I should have been getting looser.

So I made it to the final as chipleader when I busted blinders. And I held on to the chip lead as late as 5 left when I busted MiamiDon with AKcc, but I was overmatched champsampson and lucko ran me over with their play, I was paralyzed into nit when I knew my raises would be met with a push.

The penultimate hand was: champ folded, in the sb I raised pot to 10k with a9o . Lucko thought then pushed. I looked at my remaining chips and I had approx 30k left. My gut was saying that I think I have an over here, and since I was playing nitty, a shove with atc is not out of the relm of possibility.
I called and he flipped q7dd, hit my 9 on the flop and he rivered a q. Igh 3rd. No toc seat.

Depressing but not as bad as losing heads up with a chip lead to bdiddie in the hoy last year.

Thanks to those who railed me or sent support specifically tragedy and poker enthusiast.

Now onto the skillz and PLO. Bayne I would think to be the fav tonight, ill see how long I can donk around.


lightning36 said...

Excellent run last night. lucko is lucko -- a great player who also sucks out an ungodly percentage of the time. He feasts upon me - ha ha.

Good luck in The Skillz game -- unless you are at my table, of course.

Instant Tragedy said...

Still an outstanding job representing the 806.

Keep up the hard work and the TOC will happen!

All my best


1Queens Up1 said...

Nope I felt real good last night, that race was the only race I lost all night.

Thanks to you both for the kind words.