Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I actually was going to lay down a post the middle of last week detailing my concerns regarding the dwindling fields in the BBT, but like slowplaying a monster on the flop I went from slowplay to no pay as today TJ, Astin, Heff, Jamy, and Hoy commented on the lack of a big field. I think I summed my thoughts up in a comment on TJ's board so I'm going to repost that.

When the Mookie is only drawing 60 people during the BBT there is a glaring problem.
The first week of the BBT4 was packed, and the second week was filled, albeit noticibly less so.

The one glaring difference between previous years and this year is that a lot of popular & succesful bloggers arent playing this time around for a variety of different reasons, time consumption being one of them. I guarantee you if my gf was not the understand and loving person who likes to see me play, I would not have the success I have had so far.

Some other problems I can see are:
The start times for East Coasters (specifically the Big Game, RC and Mook) mean that if I hit the final table I can guarantee I'm not logging off until 1-1:30am. And who can go to sleep after making a final table right away (win or lose)?
The Brit Blogger 4pm is a perfect start for me because I do squadoosh on non-nfl Sundays sans go to the casino, however, the bloggers with families can find this a little contentious.
Skillz, usually being a limit game, is an ok start time but again a trip to the final table usually results in a 12:30-1am finish for us East Coasters.

The other thing is Full Tilt is only promoting this series via Poker On The Rail which if I didn't know all you bloggers already, I probably wouldn't find on my own as its not listed under their promotions. The real lion's share of the promotion comes from blogger word of mouth or the blogs themselves.

The BBT has been great to me so this is far far far from a complaint, but I can guarantee you that I have during the last 2 months needed a few red bulls in the morning just to get going would not be a stretch.
So combine old standbys doing other ventures and no new donkey blood coming to play, you have the lower turn out.

Personally I want to make sure there is a BBT5 and beyond, so lets get the word out there!