Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dear RNG,

Please stop being a bastage.
I've tried cursing, and screaming, and waking up our loved one with poker rants directed at you...and its not pretty. The dog whisperer says when you do this to dogs it just encourages them to be louder. So I am going with this new tactic, sweetly and calmly suggesting to you to help me help you. I win, you get more rake when I donk off in the cash games, and thusly, you win. Win-Win for both of us.

My grievences include the razz tourney which I busted my hump to stay in the running only to be bounced in 2 consecutive hands uncermoniously.
We wont even go into the RC bustout because that was just downright dirty.

So all I ask for the last 2 days worth of bullhonky is to let me win a Mookie like your chosen one Hoyazo from last week. Its not so much to ask, is it? Just 1 little Mookie?

Hopefully we can get past our differences and see eye to eye on this one request and then afterword go out and get ice creams together and frolic in the field or something.

Your old friend,

Queens Up