Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pleading didnt help

Obviously the RNG didnt hear me or is just cruel twisted bastard. In even quicker fashion this night, a turned flush was obv beaten by the nut.

PL raises from the CO which means he could have 169 different starting hand combos, so naturally i call with 97hh on the BB. Flop has 2 hearts and i check to induce the obligatory PL c-bet which I call. Turn is another heart which makes me giggle with glee at my fortune, maybe this night wont be so bad afterall?
I again check to induce a PL bet, and again he obliges. This time thinking I should XR here to prevent a 4th heart that would most likely make PL's hand, so I do and PL flat calls.
River is an offsuit 6, so I bet pot to look like I want to end the hand here. Not only do I not end the hand, but PL comes over the top for my last 185 chips.
Undaunted I still think I have the best hand.

That is until he turns up K-4hh for the nut, obv.

GG me... Saturday night home game this week and no poker league. I'll see most of you mooks on Sunday afternoon where I shall attempt to not be busted in 12 mins or less.


Shrike said...

It's more like 93 hands.

Alarm bells should start to go off when I flat-call your CRAI on the turn, though. Committing your whole stack on the end with the large river bet is peculiar - the bet size gets all worse hands to fold (maybe I get stubborn with top set there, but that's it), and if I put you in for your last 200 you are surely beat? I mean, how often do I ever have a smaller flush there?