Monday, April 13, 2009

What it takes to make so many final tables

Dont be unlucky enough to run high pairs into Aces.
Dont push A-x into 10-10.

Now you know my secret. Use it wisely.

Been pretty disappointed in my play as of late although my Q-Q hand with Cmitch I thought I played with restraint as normally I would 3-bet on a non A or K flop. I didnt and 3-bet his river bet which looked like it was fairly weak. Althought I must raised at least one cmitch eyebrow with my river re-raise (according to PE I rarely do this, must work on that....).

Oh well. Missed the Brit due to some overly-talkative relatives, points have been stagnant and allowing the field to catch up which kinda irks me but blame is squarely on myself.

Early bedtime tonight due to early exit, take it easy everyone.
R.I.P. Harry Kalas