Friday, April 3, 2009

Whirlwind Month

Still getting over the shock that I actually took down the POTM award for March. That should give every player, good or bad, hope that you can do it too. GL to the April champ, whomever that may be. Thanks once again to TJ for the back to back Player of the Week awards.
Playing like ass lately, got so use to creating diamonds with my play that every dang tournament I play now I am way too tight. Must fix this immediately.

Non-poker topic. Watching Gods and Generals right now, saw it in the theatre and enjoyed it, biast though because Im huge historical buff. Anyway, so im wondering what kind of fear a soldier had to have as he stood there trying to reload his musket while the enemy was about to fire right at him. Brutal brutal warfare, those people had guts.

Might hit up Mohegan Sun tonight, dont know if ill play cash or sng...hope everyone has a good weekend.