Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gotta Go To Mo's

So last night I ended up at Mohegan Sun. Joe (Unimpressed) was planning on going all week and I convinced my significant other, I ended up there as well.

Got there round 7:30 and my buddy was down to $23 in front of him. Waited around for a seat to open at his table but it didnt look it was happening anytime soon so I sat at a table with a seat open.

Nothing if note, the first hand I played was A-Qo raised to 12, 2 callers raggy flop and I bet out got 2 folds.

Next hand i had 89hh, raised to 12. Again 2 callers. Flop was A-Q-x rainbow. Threw a 20 bet out, one caller. The caller was a super old guy, his wife was sitting behid him also. He had been playing pretty crappy and making horrible calls. His MO was raising with top pair so when he called I placed him on a Q-x holding.
Turn was a 9. I bet 40. Old guy thinks for a few seconds then calls again.
River was an A. Im fairly certain now if I bet and he has that Q he will most likely fold. So I bet out 50, he mumbles a couple times about I probably have him beat then decides to call. A-6ss he shows. His annoying skeleton of a wife has to ask him what happened and he commented that he thought was outkicked but he ended up winning.
Learned my lesson, however, the fools at my table did not. 2 more times he called an all-in with an A-rag for a single pair of aces and he took both pots down.

About this time I get a text message from Wwonka telling me he is working but Rakefeeder was down there. He shot me his phone number and I gave him a call. Kinda weird i didnt know his name and I had to ask "is this rakefeeder?" But sure enough he was there and as I signed up for a 120 SNG we met. I found out his name was Rob and introduced myself.
We chatted for a bit until my sng started and he ambled off to play a cash game.

The SNG was fast and furious and within 10 minutes 2 people were eliminated. I ended up playing exactly one hand, and it happened to be against the only other guy who hadn't played a hand at all up to that point either.
I got J-10o in the CO. 2 limps to me and i limp, bb checks.
Flop is 10d-9d-x
Checks to rock to my right who bets out 100. Im the only caller.
Turn is a 10
Rock bets 300, I re-raise to 900. He thinks about it, makes a disgusted face then calls.
River is an A.
Rock says "I guess im all-in". I shrugged and called. Rock flips up A-10. And im done.

I go looking for Joe at his table and hes doing better, asim relaying my bad beat I tel him about Rob being here, and wouldnt you know they were sitting right next to ech other. Got them all introduced and I noticed an empty seat so I sat down on the other side.
Pretty fun table, had an Aussie kid to my left, a young kid to his left, a guy who can appreciate good 90s bands, a russian dude, joe, rob, a nerdy guy, and some other dude.
About 3 hands in I pick up K-K, raise to 12, 3 callers.
Flop is 10 high. I bet 30, and get one caller. I check the caller's stack and thought he had about 70ish left.
Turn is a K. Going with my previous assessment I push all in for my last 200. To my glee he insta-called. I flipped up my Ks and he flipped up 10s for a lower set.
River was an 8 to fill my boat.
After the kid left, the Aussie guy tells me it was the kid's 21st bday and joking asks "so now how do you feel about that?"

A little later I raise in MP with A-6cc and get a few callers. Flop has 2 crubs and i continuation bet to hide my flush draw. Get one caller, the Russian guy.
Turn was a beautiful 10c. Russian guy looks like he wants to bet, and stares at me while he checks. I try to look like that club makes me cautious and I check behind.
River is another club. Yuck. I doubt im getting paid off now unless he has the K, but now he has to worry that I might Have Ac-K etc etc.
Again the guy looks like he wants to bet but he checks. I try to figure he might call here if he does indeed have a hand. I make a bet of 50. He grudgingly calls.
I show my flush, and he shows trip 10s. Kinda frustrating because I think if I bet the turn I get re-raised and then got paid off on the River.

So after those 2 hands im actually back up to even for the night. Rob changes seats to sit next to the drunk ENGAGED girl with her goods falling out, and i take his old seat next to Joe.
The rest of the night was basically me losing 50 bucks to Joe when my 10s can't beat his Qs.
Also Rob raised with the hammer and flop a deuce vs AK unimproved and got paid off on the river. Freaking hammer....
The drunk engaged girl was so aggressive i couldnt figure her bets out so I tried to stay out her way, but boy did like Rob's company. I'd have to defer to him on what the hell she was talking about most of the night, but she was droppin f-bombs about her fiancee for some reason or another.

Eventually Joe left at midnight and the guy who replaced him at the table proceeded to flop a set and then hit a royal flush. I followed Joe out the door about 30 minutes later.

Ended up 90 bucks down, but had a great time. Take it easy Rob, look me up when you get back and we'll do it again!


BWoP said...

Crubs FTW!

Rake Feeder said...

Was cool to meet you and Joe.

I just got back to Ft Dix. The real "Big Game" starts for me this coming week.