Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Road to the WSOP Part I

2nd place in the Skillz tournament. I fought my way from low man on the totem pole with 13 left to top 2.
Congrats to Heff on a well deserved win.

In other news I will be making my first visit ever out to Vegas this year to partake in event #51, a $1,500 NLHE event. Which I owe exclusive praise to online poker as this trip would not be possible without it.

Some things I'm hoping to do when I get there:
- Catch a Vegas show. Always wanted to see Richard Cheese perform live.
- Tour the Hoover Dam
- Do some 888 sports betting on KC winning the Superbowl this year. Remember, you heard it here first.

Days left till I leave: 44


PokahDave said...

You might not want to bet the house on K.C.

Just sayin'!

TuscaloosaJohnny said...

I may have to get you to take me to this Richard Cheese show. You have me curious. If you want to go to Hoover Dam I recommend renting a car...would probably be cheaper than a bus tour.

Schaubs said...

Who are you kidding... you'll be in the poker rooms the entire time!

Joe-Unimpressed said...

Subtle... really subtle.