Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another Mookie Final Table and My Mookie Profile

Thanks to Mookie for the opportunity to do a profile, and to view it you can go here:
Queens Up

Wanted to defend my title so I played the Mookie last night with 24 other donks. Made the Final Table but got busted when my 10-10 couldnt hold up against VLBPro's A-K.

See you all on Sunday!


HighOnPoker said...

I was reading your whatever it is on Mookie and wanted to let you know that Moneymaker's book (he already put one out about his big win) was great. It's right up your alley, a non-strategy poker book giving you insight into what really happened to Moneymaker. I can even send you a copy if you wanna do a swap for your Matusow book. Email me at highonpokr AT yahoo.

OhCaptain said...

It was hard for any of us to get past the cardrack VBPro. My JJ was no match for his ATd.