Saturday, June 6, 2009

TOC Day Eve Thoughts

So its the day before the TOC and apparently the in thing is to place odds on the runners' chances of hitting the top 4 for a prize. The odds that have been placed on myself range from 2-1 to 8-1 with a bubble prediction thrown in for good measure.
Folks, this really is anyone's game now. Just like when you get to the NFL post-season it comes down to one game, you dont win you go empty, everyone has an equal shot at this thing. All I can do is stay focused, dont get myself into sticky spots and play to win baby.
A heartfelt good luck to all those playing, and I will make the guarantee right here that if fate and the RNG decide I am worthy enough for a big win, I will be extending my stay in Vegas. Thats all I can say for Karmic reasons as you all understand. :)

So last night, even though I was tired from staying up till 1:33am to watch Ivey win his bracelet, I headed to Mo to add some loot to the Vegas bankroll. When I say that I had the worst cards for like 3 hours straight that I have EVER had, its not an exaggeration.
The first playable hand I had AKdd, raise from the guy to my right to 18 and I call. Flop comes Q high with 2 hearts, he bets 35 and I muck. Next hand I have J-10ss and I turn a third 10 on a drawy board. Stupid me just calls a bet, and the river Q made a donkey's j-9 straight. I received and played almost all my sooted and one-gap sooted connectors and each time the board was the absolute anti-nuts to whatever I held, I probably could have saved $200 by never playing any of those hands.
So anyway, before I know it I'm down $170 and on card-dead tilt. I slip the headphones on andblast the techno music ans suddenly I am alive. I win two pots back to back betting top pair each time when I knew the guys chasing me were on flush draws. Took a huge pot when my ducks flopped a set, and the biggest pot I won on the night:
I get AA in the BB. As had been the M.O. all night, 8 of the people limped into the pot, I raise to 20 and get 3 callers. 2 tight-weaks and a Hyper-crazian. Hyper-Crazian started the night off sober and having the deck literally KO him time after time, then he started drinking Johnny Walker and got even crazier. Fortunately he loved to show me his cards every single time so I knew the kind of shit he'd be playing with.
Crazian checks to me and I push a 100 stack into the pot when it comes 7c-2d-3s. Was really hoping one of these guys would think Im playing A-K aggressively (which I had done earlier about 3 times) but they all folded. Crazian commented he had hit a pair.
So in the span of 30 minutes I went from 170 down to 40 up. I mostly hovered around that mark before I got over 120 when crazian called me down while I was holding the nut flush. I did give it back to him on the next hand when I knew he hit a wonky straight and I had another nut flush draw. Since I raised it (AJss)pre-flop I felt I could get him to gift me his chips if I could hit a spade. But alas the river was a brick and I left after that hand. Up 90 for the night. that negates my 70 buck loss at HORSE on FT the night before.

Tonight is my use-to-be monthly home game so I hope I can keep adding to my bankroll. Good luck to all those in the big one tomorrow and I'll see you at 8pm sharp.