Friday, June 19, 2009

Getting Pumped Amid Uncertainty

No BBT money yet (Al has said he emailed FT and is just waiting to hear back from them) and no withdrawal check that I requested on June 7th either. Even with these setbacks, I am still getting pumped for Vegas like an 11:59 miracle will save this trip.

Weekend preparations include getting all the laundry done and cleaning up the house for Alissa, since I feel really bad she's going to be manning the house alone for a week without me, a first in the 6 years we've been together. I try not to bring the Vegas trip up too much as she does get a little down about not having me around, but I assure her it will be well worth it after we score a nice cash and can finish the basement (see, P.M.A. thanks Matusow!)

Non-house work, poker preparations include:
- Watching Rounders all the way through at least twice
- The half-way done big game $50 buy-in on Sunday for my league. I still am doing crappy in the league for some unknown reason and even when I am playing well I get river flushed by donkey Unimpressed's overshove on a 6 high flush draw. (Not bitter at all ^^)

- Packing and maybe some clothes shopping
- Setting my iPod playlists

Speaking of playlists…..

So far I'm thinking that I'll play Sultans of Swing as a pre-event #51 song and then go right into the Techno/dance music. For some reason I can only focus at my best at the table when I'm listening to techno music, I think its something to do with ADD.

So that’s it for now, hit Foxwoods or Mohegan up tonight for some last time cash games before the alleged trip, maybe I can double my bankroll and wont have to depend on other people or things to make my way.


HighOnPoker said...

I also prefer techno/trance music for poker. I think it has to do with the steady beat and the lack of lyrics (usually). It helps me get into a rhythm without distracting me. Lately, though, I've been listening to rap. I think I need to go back to the techno.

Good luck in Vegas. I hope the money situation works itself out (for the both of us).

OhCaptain said...

I actually have playlists for different stages of tournaments. I usually shoot for calming music in the beginning and then have some playlists for bubble and short handed play. The later usually switches gears to stuff that's more aggressive and angry.

Heads up, it's usually Pink Floyd. No idea why, it just really helps keep me even and thinking clearly.

Sublime is my favorite for after a bad beat.

White Zombie works for bubble time quite nicely.

1Queens Up1 said...

Yeah i use to do that. I'd play Mozart/Beethoven to start off to get in a groove then play rock etc etc. I found that the rock songs (even my favorites) annoyed to the point where i just removed my earphones altogether.

So I started just listening to techno (usually start the set with "Black Betty" by Spiderbait and just let the techno/trance/dance remixes flow.
Both times ive done that in a cash game i went from $170 down to 90 up for the session and won 230 in a session.

Shrike said...

Excellent choice in Sultans of Swing. High on my all-time favourites.

Good luck in Vegas!


BWoP said...

I requested payment through bank wire last Thursday. It posted to my account last Friday (didn't realize this when we were on the podcast).

I still have an outstanding request from the Thursday before that, so I guess bank wire is the way to go . . .

Sean D said...

Dire Straits = +++EV

Good luck and keep in touch


SmBoatDrinks said...

Hey Brian,

It was nice meeting & playing with you in Vegas. I am anxiously awaiting your trip report!