Sunday, June 14, 2009

Poker Quandries and Poker Soup

So here it is June 14th, 15 days left to Vegas and I have 1/8th the bankroll I was expected to have for my trip. Basically it all comes down to waiting on Full Tilt for funds to be deposited in my account from the BBT and I have a check in transit that may or may not be valid when I deposit it.
It not be my life without a little drama to make it interesting of course.

So this week is the critical week to my trip, if I get no funds then there will be no WSOP for me.

The league started back up this week after a long hiatus, 5 runners out of 9 showed up and an hour later it was over and I busted 3rd after Unimpressed over-aggroed a 6 high flush draw, as was his M.O. for the night he hit the flush on the turn.

I also had my first poker podcast interview ever. (I know who the heck would want to ask me anything, right?) Well chalk this one up to who you know not what ya know of course. My buddy Blazman runs the Poker Soup Podcast and Blaz knowing I was in the middle of a Full Tilt cashout was addressing the recent asset freeze and wanted me to share my expierience.
It was a good interview I thought, gave my opinions and interpretations, and just like that it was over.

So I'll be updating that status of my trip throughout the week as things progress.


Riggstad said...

Good Luck bro. If the WSOP is a no go, come down to the Borgata

Joe (aka Unimpressed) said...

It pays to run goot.

You ran good too, just not against me :)

lightning36 said...

I'll keep good karma coming your way. The whole thing sucks so badly ...