Sunday, May 23, 2010

General Malaise and Indifference

Describes my feelings toward poker of all forms right now, just dont excited about the game like i use to. I could say the same about video games too, just not feeling the silly pastimes that made me who I am.
I think one of the things that has really bugged me specifically about poker is the people who have hit a certain level of success and now look down or outright mock those who are not as successful or time committed as them.
When I started playing poker there were a few reasons:
1. I wanted to win money
2. Poker is a fun, social game when you a have a decent group of people.
3. I liked the aspect of being able to go toe to toe with a doctor, or a lawyer, or some snot-nosed kid and trying to outthink them.

While I still want to win money, that aspect has trumped all other reasons, and once that happens its no longer a fun little hobby or side-venture...its a job. And you know what? I already have one job and Im not that fond of it as it is, and so Ive been playing poker less and less.

I didnt play the mookie last Wednesday, but I did notice Lightning36's post that explained his reasons why he did what he did, and if you have seen it he got pretty much lit up in the comments. That is just head-scratching to me. He didnt have to post his reasons for his play and he explained himself very well but there are people out there who made comments as if Lightning is some idiot who doesnt have a clue what hes doing, and I think thats pretty shameful.
If you think hes a fish then why are you tapping the glass?
If you think he has faulty logic, but offer no advice or you offer some advice with a side of admonishment without recognizing the pyschological thought process he put into it as being a rational decision that a sane person would make during the course of a tournament then I think you may just be a poker snob.

Lets refer to this era of poker as the "2 PLUS 2" or Hellmuthian age.

So anyway what have I been doing?

Enjoying the Flyers miraculous playoff run that hopefully includes a Stanley Cup appearance and win.

Watching lots of baseball, purchased so I can watch every Phillies that I can this year, haven't been able to do that since 2001.

Trying to survive work, lately just seems more stressful between customers who have taken too much of the crazy juice then calling us up or could be the soon to be seperation of bank and insurance operations with us offering an IPO.

Busy next couple weeks, friend's wedding this week with a trip to Foxwoods. Home game the week after, and then my Bro's wedding the week after that.

So good luck to the TOC winners, hope you use that 10k well and win the ME.


donald said...

enjoy the weddings sounds like a fun couple weeks. try and squeeze in a couple of games in between- nice way to get your mind off things at work no? Nice- its going to be a fun baseball season- so enjoy the games on the box.