Sunday, June 6, 2010

Around the Horn

Sporadic posting due to lack of poker or anything interesting going on, but I'll try to touch on a bunch of different things.

First, Poker: Had my monthly home game last night. Best hand I got all night (4 tournies) was A-Kdd, highest pair I had was 9s. Ending up winning the 3rd game, didnt cash in the other 3.Up 20 for the night.

Flyers push the Stanley Cup Finals to a best of 3 when they tied up the series 2-2 on Friday. Philly has at times looked brilliant, especially the 4th goal in game 3. They still are playing sloppy and maybe just a tad cocky, which is leading to turnovers and scoring chances for the Hawks.

After Roy's perfect game, the Phillies proceeded to get swept by the Braves. It looks like they might have gotten back on track with back to back wins over the Padres.

First wedding, last week, was boring as all heck due to me not really knowing anyone. My bro's is this Friday so that one should be a lot better.