Friday, October 29, 2010

Another Day, Another Dollar

Its funny, I wrote that last post at 2am in the morning on a stream of consciousness, so it ended up looking Hoy-esque. Id like to thank Waffles for sharing his thoughts, and I agree, the only truly way to enjoy working is when you are working by your own rules and not by anyone elses. I also received many suggestions and points of views from the blogger sphere, and I am truly humbled by the response I received and the support you provided. Its makes me truly proud to be a part of a community like this.

My move now is to let my new boss do some digging into my concerns and hopefully by November 9th when we meet for our first one on one I can finally get some answers. If not, I will talk to HR and see if theres any assistance they can provide. CT Labor department is another option also, although I'm not sure how deep they delve into these kind of disputes.  
But one last time, thank you to all who reached out to me, its truly appreciated. And i will update as soon as i get new info.

Moving on to something else, since this is a poker/gambling blog I should talk some about that.

As I stated in my comeback post, not too much poker has been played since March. There are a few reasons for that including blowing 75% of my stake at a NL cash game on my 30th birthday, the medication I went on in March limits those "cravings" to gamble, and most importantly, I am sucking terribly at poker. 
This "sucking" is very much different than the variance I have experienced over the years, this funk seems to be a mixture of overconfidence or pride and a side of carelessness. Right now, I don't think I could cut it at a casino cash game, I'd be dead money just biding my time.
The only online poker I play is either HORSE or Stud 8, and that's because those allow me to just be tight and profit off the weaker players, but even still I make bonehead plays or have become increasingly unlucky.

It got to the point earlier this year (right around BBT5) where I actually hated poker. In my mind the game was no longer about skill and strategy, just dumb luck. Every coin-flip, every dog hand, and every dominant hand I lost. At first I thought it was just variance catching up to me after a very profitable 09 and a 12 month streak of at list one tourney win at my own home game to where I was lucky to finish 2nd out of a 5 person game.

I'm slowly trying to get myself back into NL, and actually be somewhat competitive, but its not easy by any means. The game has changed so much, and everyone you play is somewhat educated now.

Hopefully you, dear readers, are fairing better than I.

Thanks for reading!